The World of Alusios is divided into several different kingdoms. Each kingdom is goverened by different elements. There are eight elements and many magical creatures and non-magical creatures.


Kingdom of LightEdit

The Kingdom of Light is the most powerful kingdom and the only kingdom governed by the Element of Light. This Kingdom is seen as the Kingdom of peace and it's King and Queen spread propoganda thoughout the different Kingdoms. Although on the surface the Kingdom of Light is seen as a eutopian society it is heavily governed and very exclusive.

Sky KingdomEdit

The Sky Kingdom is a floating fortress forged from the Element of Wind. It's people (the Sky People) consist of both magical and non-magical. The Fortress is the Oldest magical structure still in existance. The only way to get to and from the Sky Kingdom is through flight. The users of the Element of Wind grow wings at an early age and those wings allow them to travel to the Fortress to learn how to use their magic as it is the only place to learn the Wind Element. The Royal Family of the Sky Kingdom are the Dawnstars.

Shifting NationEdit

The Shifting Nation is made up of all the different clans of Shape-Shifters. Each clan specialises in a different shifting form. Nomads exist on their own but follow under the rule of the Leader of the Council of Shifters which consists the the leader of every clan with a 'King' being elected from the clan leaders. A new leader is elected after the death of a previous one.

Buried CityEdit

The Buried City is the central City to the Earth Dwellers - the users of the Earth Element. There are many Earth Dwellers outside the City but their main place of Government is the Buried City. The Buried City is Governed by the Governor and by the Monarch King or Queen.

Ocean KingdomEdit

The Ocean Kingdom is an underwater kingdom of Merpeople. They all have the ability to walk on land but simply choose to stay in the water where they are most comfortable. They have control over the Water Element and are closely related to the Frozen Kingdom.

Frozen KingdomEdit

The Frozen Kingdom popluates the magnetic poles of Alusios where it is coldest. There are also smaller colonies of the Frozen Kingdom occupating the coldest peaks of mountain ranges. The people of the Frozen Kingdom have the ability to use the Water Element as are able to shift into mermaids. They are simply Merpeople who have migrated out of the oceans. The cold cilmate gives their skin a bluish tone and they are generally tall people giving them their nicknames 'frost giants'.

Amugdalian VillagesEdit

The Amugdalian Villages are small peaceful villages spread thruoghout the world. The magical beings among them are called Amugdalians hence the name. Amugdalians can manipulate the Element of Growth, giving them the power to make plants grow. Amugdalian Villages are mainly agricultural and have inns for weary travellers.Their King and Queen live in the Malious Forest which is one of the largest forests on Alusios.

Shadow Rebellion CampsEdit

The Shdaow Rebellion Camps are populated by Shadows who manipulate the Element of Darkness and Death. The Shadow Rebellion is led by the Blood Shadows and is the remnants of the Shadow Kingdom after the Great War. Their main focus is military and repopulation of their people. Every citizen is taught to fight and hold their own weight. Their governence is harsh and their 'King' is their Military Leader.